Clearly this was an obvious "scientific" discovery, but I've been wanting to know the true extent of its usefulness for a long time. As a SoCal surfer, who regularly floats in sub 55 degree water for hours on end, I always wanted to know just how many calories I burned sitting motionless... seems like a lot. » 1/27/14 8:57pm 1/27/14 8:57pm

Seeing as Google Ventures put in more than $50M already into Nest, I don't forsee them doing anything but growing the company faster with better access to materials, suppliers and other tools. Thermostats and smoke alarms are the beginning.. wait for that Nest smart watch » 1/13/14 8:28pm 1/13/14 8:28pm

Why DRM in Cars Is Going to Drive Everyone Mad

Forget extra cup holders or power windows: the new Renault Zoe comes with a "feature" that absolutely nobody wants. Instead of selling consumers a complete car that they can use, repair, and upgrade as they see fit, Renault has opted to lock purchasers into a rental contract with a battery manufacturer and enforce… » 11/14/13 2:10pm 11/14/13 2:10pm

I have no idea the level of precision 3D printing or MPLS can achieve, but I do know the tolerances on the foils of those engines. I find it hard to believe either process an produce a surface finish or tolerance capable ( typically >.001" profile tolerance and >.0005" surface finish) » 11/14/13 2:02pm 11/14/13 2:02pm

This was a much harder decision than appears on the surface. In order to discover those genes that are indicators, or special, or whatever, Medical companies have to spend billions of research dollars. All this will do will create a more secretive research community as Medical companies now have to hide the research… » 6/13/13 12:54pm 6/13/13 12:54pm

AT&T employs over 250,000 people world wide, and a portion of those are unionized employees. Such employees are cable installers, call center operators, service technicians, etc. This strike is simply a part of a cyclical process. The unions sign 3-5 yr contracts and it just so happened this time around 5 regions… » 8/07/12 11:01am 8/07/12 11:01am